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San Gabriel Valley - Home Pet Euthanasia - Dogs & Cats

Choice Vet, provides home pet euthanasia in the San Gabriel Valley  for your dog, cat or other pet. Our licensed and compassionate veterinarians offer support, information, and assistance in making the difficult decisions and arrangements pertaining to the passing and aftercare of your beloved pet.

Our licensed veterinarians are currently serving the following locations in the San Gabriel Valley:

To minimize the stress for you and your pet, special medications are used to sedate your pet prior to giving the final injection. The sedatives are chosen to suit your pet's special circumstances, including species, age, weight, and type of illness. These drugs are administered by a first injection which alleviates pain, causes relaxation, and is often accompanied by a deep anesthetic sleep.

After your pet is very sedate, usually soundly asleep, a final injection is given. This final injection is an overdose of yet another sedative. The overdose results in a painless and peaceful passing.

Regardless of the aftercare option you select, our care of your pet's body will be respectful, gentle, and honest.


In-Home Pet Euthanasia - San Gabriel Valley



Each in-home pet euthanasia includes:

  • Unlimited phone consultations with our veterinarians.
  • Pre-sedation of your pet
  • Humane euthanasia
  • Notification of your veterinarian
  • Transportation of your pet for aftercare, when utilizing Choice aftercare services


Aftercare Services* may include the following options:

  • Communal cremation
  • Individual Cremation with ashes returned
  • Burial
  • Clay paw print memorial
  • See our online Memorial Store for additional memorial options

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    * If you have already chosen an independent aftercare provider, please let us know when you call us. Choice Veterinary Care is pleased to work with all aftercare providers.

    For more information, please call us: (310) 956-7062